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  1. Dye ink

  2. Sublimation ink

  3. Pigment ink

  4. Portray ink

  5. Solvent ink



2. Sublimation ink
Sublimation ink
Our "LNXWO" water based sublimation ink for both desktop and wide format printers, at volume 28ML /100ML /250ML /500ML /1L /5L /20L /25L bottle in your choice, with color BCMY, LC, LM etc (Color according to printer model).

1)Use sublimation ink and heat press technology, you can transfer images to metals, plastics, ceramics, polyester, high temperature plastics, such as plexiglas, mylar or melamine. You can use it transfer picture to T-shirt, mugs, caps and other special things. The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure; the process ensures beautiful color and high definition images.

2) It is compatible water based sublimation ink for most famous printers, such as Epson desktop and wide format, Mimaki, Roland etc. It can use perfect suit for these brands printers.

3) It produced in our most advanced dust-free workshop. With third time filtration, which can filter out the impurities and particles in the ink so as to avoid jam, never jam the nozzle. The ink quality stable and will stay no change at 2 years under cover.

4). High quality color, fluent, good reversion of color, stable, a bit light resistance and compatible. The ink have been accept widely around the world.

5) The color paste is imported from USA and the chemical additive is from Germany and Japan, the formula is supplied by Japanese specialist.

6) Place of original: Shenzhen, China. Research and technology support: Japan.


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